Thursday, October 8, 2020

Through Rose-colored Bathrooms

We knew as soon as we saw this property we were going to try to buy it, and were kind of shocked there were still intact identical (duplex) pink original bathrooms. Our flippant 'yeah, but we can tear out the fixtures (at least eventually),' was quickly replaced by other people in our ears, including our realtor from the start, saying, no, you've got to leave those. In fact WE had sort of an appreciation and respect for how long they'd lasted (They really don't make 'em like they used to), not to mention the beautiful (I think) pink variegated tiled floors,
in pretty good shape. And the pink tile showers are in EXCELLENT shape. And heck, I've never lived in a house with an actual tiled shower! So in a sense, this was NICE to me. However, we wanted to give the duplex bathrooms a little more personality, and suit to taste, but keeping a mid-century flair in some of the decor.

AFTER - UNIT 1, "The Flamingo"
AFTER - UNIT 2, "The Jimi"

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Well, a Lot's Happened (in the last 10 years). AKA Introducing Pearson Pointe (with the pink bathrooms)

It's been 10 years since my last post, Father. Forgive me.

And while I'm appropriating my wildly unpopular blog solely as a venue to talk about our fun new project/investment, I can't not mention the most important thing that's happened in the last 10 years: our daughter Evie! Just to recap: our kid count is 2: Brody, 10, and Evie, 8. Pets currently: Sadie, 27 (in dog years).
This whole adventure started when son Brody got (and asked for, often) a bow and arrow. We realized the irony of them not having a place to shoot it given the amount of rural country land I come from; even archery-learning places don't let you use your own! So then we were like, hey, we wanted to buy future build land, and make that investment in the Austin area as it's growing so quickly anyway. We started looking, then Covid hit and that was our only hobby. We wanted a great view and a few acres but then realized the kids HATED our "land-looking" and didn't exactly appreciate our amazing views - over something to actually DO - once we got there.

So, once this old duplex cottage in some pretty elevations ON a lake AND seeming like a steal for all we got (even a place to stay...and we had planned to buy an RV on other land, and have to install septic, electric, etc, etc) we jumped on getting carsick every time we drove out there be damned!
Well, the challenge, or awesome bonus - to some, maybe - is that it's almost all-original 1955. The pink tile is still in the (identical) bathrooms (yes, that thar' is a pink toilet); the knotty pine and geometric green formica is still in the (identical) kitchens. And the prison/school aesthetic is strong, with the concrete block construction, unencumbered by any additional, warm, wall treatments.

I'm coming to learn that this whole pink bathroom thing is a rare find, and worth keeping, to some. And, for me at least, it's taken a lot of my time and fascination to research how to make them look, well, more inviting to those who see them as 'old,' and to those who had them growing up and would want any bathroom color BESIDES that. Anyway, here is where I'm going to post pictures of the minor updates we are doing to our 1955 cottage duplex on the lake, which we had to name Pearson Pointe (since previous owners had named and signaged it Reily Pointe). On Paleface Point. On the Pedernales (River). With pink powder-rooms. Pretty perfectly imperfect, pinch me. I plan to do more blog posts detailing certain projects, in future, such as:

Original pink bathrooms, updated, and formica/pine kitchens

Minor work to update/make it our own

Some fun purchases to complement the place

Slowly changing the decor over (but leaving it "Texan")...minor painting to come

Lake rookie purchases "We bought a dock."

Exterior and view

*Pardon some of the low quality photos...I didn't get all the 'before' shots and had to use some realty website pics. I know, we are ALL doing a collective SMH right now.