Thursday, October 8, 2020

Through Rose-colored Bathrooms

We knew as soon as we saw this property we were going to try to buy it, and were kind of shocked there were still intact identical (duplex) pink original bathrooms. Our flippant 'yeah, but we can tear out the fixtures (at least eventually),' was quickly replaced by other people in our ears, including our realtor from the start, saying, no, you've got to leave those. In fact WE had sort of an appreciation and respect for how long they'd lasted (They really don't make 'em like they used to), not to mention the beautiful (I think) pink variegated tiled floors,
in pretty good shape. And the pink tile showers are in EXCELLENT shape. And heck, I've never lived in a house with an actual tiled shower! So in a sense, this was NICE to me. However, we wanted to give the duplex bathrooms a little more personality, and suit to taste, but keeping a mid-century flair in some of the decor.

AFTER - UNIT 1, "The Flamingo"
AFTER - UNIT 2, "The Jimi"